Top Three Most Evil Dictators in Human History

Some people are bad leaders, others just make horrible decisions, many are extremists, a few are bloodthirsty, and a couple is warmongers. The following are three architects of the most dreadful genocides, blockades, brutal war and systematic murders history has ever recorded:
Mao Zedong
Mao Zedong was a Chinese political theorist, revolutionary, and communist leader who led the People’s Republic of China. During his first five years, his government is said to have systematically killed at least 4 million people by taking them to “reform through labor” camps or by sentencing them to die. His political purges and policies caused the deaths of 49 to 78 million people from 1949 to 1976.
Jozef Stalin
Jozef Stalin was the 1st Secretary of the Communist Party from 1922 – 1953. He became the leader of Soviet Union after the death of Lenin in 1924. He launched a new economy that caused massive famine in Ukraine, resulting in deaths of 2.6 million people. In 1939, he agreed to a non-aggression treaty with the Nazis. When Germany violated the agreement, the Soviet Union joined the allies, resulting in a war that left about 23.9 million dead.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler was a German politician and the leader of the Nazi Party. From 1934 to 1945, he was the absolute dictator of Germany. He was power hungry and wanted hegemony in Europe. Under his reign, Nazi forces murdered as many as 17 million civilians, six million of whom were Jews.

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